3 Ways Our Transcription Services Improve Market Research Study Outcomes
3 Ways Our Transcription Services Improve Market Research Study Outcomes
Market research can’t happen without participants. Focus Insite plays matchmaker between the study requirements and qualified participants.

Regular subscribers to our weekly blog posts know that we’ve written a lot about how market research recruiting is the key to successful market research study outcomes. It may surprise you to learn that another important component of market research studies is transcription services.

While ‘transcription’ sounds boring, it’s the workhorse of data-intensive studies,and shouldn’t be discounted. Even smaller research studies produce copious amounts of data, and without an easy way to organize and cross-reference, it’s impossible to decipher the patterns that emerge from a study.

We’ll share with you three ways that Focus Insite’s transcription services improve market research outcomes.

  • We Save You Time and Productivity

It doesn’t matter which methodology your market research study uses, from focus groups to mobile ethnographies, you’ll be capturing a lot of information and feedback from study participants. Researchers don’t have time to go through each video or audio recording and try and pull out themes or quotes. Having all of the video or audio transcribed makes it much quicker for researchers to format responses to questions for easier cross-referencing and comparison.Remember, most market studies include multiple research methodologies and many participants. It’s not unusual for a focus group to last between 1 ½ to 2hours. Researchers would waste valuable time and resources if they had to decode each session using audio playback. The most productive way to sort throug hall the back-and-forth is to submit the audio recording for transcription. Even better is researchers can request a variety of formats for transcription to make data crunching even easier.

  • We Save You Money

Because transcription services save the researcher time, it also saves money! Most qualitative studies usually involve many hours of in-depth interviews, focus groups, or mobile data capturing. Yes, it costs money to have your data transcribed, but that ultimately saves you money. We call it ‘spaving’ or spending to save.

  • Our Transcription Services Are HIPPA Compliant

We do a lot of medical market research recruiting, and there are additional logistics and privacy protocols that go along with medical research recruitment. HIPPA protocols need to be adhered to throughout any medical research study, transcription included! We can’t emphasize this enough! Don’t jeopardize the integrity of your medical or healthcare study by using a transcription service that isn’t HIPPA compliant.

Focus Insite regularly partners with market research agencies to manage all aspects of recruitment and transcription. There’s a reason why we have so many repeat customers. We save you time and money and always deliver on our promises!

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