'DVP' - Deceptive Valuation Practices

The practice of 'DVP' unscrupulously

Deception of practices that portrays false actions and evaluates something beyond its true value!

To Evaluate:  Defined as to judge the value of someone or something.

To Veil:  to cover or conceal with or as with a veil: She veiled her face in black. to hide the real nature of; mask; disguise: to veil one's intentions.

Insider Trading:  The illegal practice of trading on the stock exchange to one's own advantage through having access to confidential information

Unbeknownstunknown; unperceived; without one's knowledge (usually followed by to).

(PIAD): (Personal information and data) - your profile information.

There has been an ongoing outcry concerning the 'absconding' of, and subsequent dissemination of, our (PIAD) 'Personal Information and Data' for quite some time now. What can be done about it? What can we personally do to stop this or at least do our part in protecting ourselves from it? Actually there is more than you know that you can do!  

Have you ever logged into one website by logging into it through another website? Such as logging into a website VIA using 'another website' login, and other logins? The majority of users have no idea why this method is used, and how it effects/affects your personal information and data! This login method IS NOT primarily used because of forgotten login details!

There was a story written a few years ago, that was spot on; although the situation is 'much' worse today! Please see the following link to the original story.

The other day, for a test, notably - I was NOT logged into my 'large social media' account. I did a login to an account I have at one website, by using my 'large social media' login at that website, it did login and routed back to the website that I wanted to use for the test. I did a logout of that website, then immediately went to the 'large social media' website, I became logged into my account, although I did not login to my 'large social media' account initially. I also completely shutdown my browser for a few minutes, then went back to my browser and checked to see if I was still logged into my account at the 'large social media' account, and 'I was'. I left it for quite a while then went back again, it never logged me out. I had to logout myself. Point: Part of 'DVP' 

The same as 'Insider Trading' is illegal; there are other forms of escalating the value of a stock based on 'insider hidden untruths' that are being portrayed as truth and fact, when in fact is a total deception in order to unscrupulously escalate the so-called worth of something: be it a stock on the market, or a company, etc., etc..   

There is an organization that claims that they have 2.85 billion users, let's talk about that. What is a 'user' of a website, as opposed to a person having signed up for several profiles under their name or another assumed name; therefore, this IS NOT several signed up users, it is one user who has many profiles under that one person! A user is someone who signed up at that website and on occasion logs in for whatever purpose they do at that website. Now, some websites promote the ability to sign up for several 'profiles', NOT another 'user' account', (they call it another 'user' account) because you are only one person; so you can't have several 'user' accounts, but you can have several profiles - under the same user... What is a profile; a profile is your signup at that website, everything that you include in your settings when you fill out information about yourself at the time of the signup and further over time is your (PIAD) 'your profile'. 

Therefore, if I signed up for a user account at a website, and then subsequently signed up two more profiles using my name, an assumed name, a company name, or whatever; that website is counting all three signups as three 'users', instead of 'the real story' 'one user-person' and that users' profile and the other profiles under the same user - in essence (one user, and three profiles, but again, 'DVP', it is being counted as (3) three 'User' accounts. Therefore, an organization that claims (2.85 billion) users, might in fact in reality have only (900 million) or whatever actual legitimate fore-front users. This is only the beginning of 'DVP', it goes deeper!

Getting back to what I mentioned earlier about logging in to one website VIA logging in by another website. Some websites claim that they have XYZ figure of continual online active users. When you log into a website VIA another website, you are counted as being logged in at both websites, unbeknownst to you. When you logout of the website that you went to to use, again unbeknownst to you, you are still logged into the website that you used for the login, and you are being counted as an active user 'perpetually' until 'if you even do' log yourself out of that website. You are being used to help escalate the value of that website as per being used as an online user even though you are not there using the website; you were never logged out of the website completely, again, totally unbeknownst to you! 

Further, given the above facts, however many claimed online users there are at any given time, it quite possibly could be literally 25% or only 50% or whatever, of what is professed by a website. Think about it, how many times have you logged into one website VIA another website, and then subsequently 'did not know' that you were also logged into that login website, and then also were 'never' logged out of that website! It happens literally multi-millions of times every day! And all of these 'unbeknownst to the person' logged in sessions are 'falsely' everyday being used as a count of professed perpetual online users - whoopee, we have 2.85 billion users! Is this the truth or total 'DVP' 

Companies, did you know that when you think that you are doing your website patrons a favor by allowing them to login to your website VIA another website, that you are actually doing your website visitors 'customers' a big disservice! It does (2) two things; 1. it helps your users have their (PIAD) 'scrubbed' stolen even further because of being logged in elsewhere as well as your website. And 2. you are aiding in the 'DVP' of said other website, and 'improper value escalation' because of your allowing the login ability to your website VIA another website, and subsequently the behind the scenes usage of information for their 'DVP' purposes! Users and Companies need to hold themselves accountable in what they do and their own practices of mentioned things here-in concerning login situations. Really, the professed only reason for supposedly logging in to one website VIA another website is so that a user doesn't need to remember many login and passwords. That's the professed reason. The real reason is to perpetuate the growth of a gigantic monster 'data scrubber' of peoples' (PIAD); and use 'you' & your 'lifes'' (PIAD) as a worker for the monster to procure income for their bank accounts! You are working for them completely unbeknownst to you! 

Just think about if; 1. everyone logged out of that website and never used it again anywhere to login again to another website! 2. everyone only had (1) one signup profile at a website, and no other 'profile' signups under that original signup name!  Possibly the value of a website would need to be totally re-evaluated! Everyone 'companies and users' need to do their own due diligence when it comes to saving their (PIAD) and life from being stolen from them! It's up to each person!  

There is so much behind the scenes 'veiled' deception of operations being used to escalate the value of 'whatever', let the reader read between the lines as they wish.

Thought: 1. Deceptive portrayal of actual real 'Users' as opposed to the actual number of 'Profiles by a user'. 2. Deceptive accounting of literal real online users, as opposed to logged in users who are being counted as online users, but who actually have not even been there using the website because it was unbeknownst to them that they were logged in at the login website.

This 'DVP' goes much deeper, this is just the tip of the iceberg of this article.

At one time in history there were Ford cars, then Chevy cars, then Chrysler, Packard, Buick, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, and the list goes on. Who's to say that there needs to only be (1) one social media website, especially if a websites whole main goal is to steal your personal information and data 'your life' over and above the so-called service that they profess to offer! 

There is another similar website: (InstaTel) - https://insta.tel    For your safety, InstaTel has only one login availability, directly from the login page itself. No any other website login abilities. This way your (PIAD) is not being 'absconded' and disseminated. Your personal profile information stays within InstaTel for your lifes safety, to the best of our abilities!!! InstaTel has several APP's that can be used in conjunction with InstaTel. A messenger App - (InstaSay), a 'Cell Phone' InstaTel Timeline App - (InstaTime) & a 'desktop messenger' - desktop & laptop installable program (InstaSay DM) to message and communicate directly to the InstaTel website users or InstaTel phone App's users. 

Given the information included here-in that we have come to understand and learn; everyone should know now that the 'ongoing outcry and complaint' about this all is a waist of time and energy, if actions on everyone's' part is not taken to save and protect themselves from this travesty against humankind ~ and Businesses too!

Keep in mind, just because we have become accustomed to something, use to it, doesn't mean that it is an ok thing! Sometimes that thing, is burdening and hurting our lives in many more ways that we don't even know about! But when we do discover what can be done, we need to act on it immediately to protect ourselves, lest we forget and stay caught in that deep pit of problems! 

  Conclusion: Always login to a website by using 'that websites' login ability! Always logout of a website that you logged into!!! Always go to the website that you used to login from 'if you needed to do that' and verify that you are really logged out. Some websites make it confusing at logout and a user could be unsure if they are being logged out. So in order to help yourself as best as possible to have your (PIAD) not 'absconded' as much, or at all; always verify logouts from everywhere! Keep this in mind though, that even if you do logout each time ~ when returning and using certain websites, your (PIAD) is still being absconded, disseminated, and used for their purposes!

Consider the information in the included picture. Wish you well in your internet usage!

Login logout options at another website

Login logout options at another website